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Subterranean termites reside in the dirt, with nests away from your home or wood structures. They infest wood that is underground directly in contact with the soil. The worker termites travel into your home and take their meals your timber back to the colony. Subterranean termites need a high moisture content to endure, which is the reason why they live underground and are rarely seen out in the open.

These termites are often found in tropical climates, and whether the moisture content above ground is sufficient, theyll create nests above ground. Subterranean termites are the most destructive wood pest in the U.S., with enormous colonies consuming up to 15 pounds of wood weekly and also the termites can travel around 100 yards to get wood. .



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Drywood termites do not require any excess moisture other than what is present in the wood. They have relatively small colonies and dont cause extensive damage unless left untreated for many decades. They will infest and consume any wood cellulose material and you could find them in furniture, dying trees, utility poles, etc..



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Dampwood termites need more moisture than drywood termites but not as much as subterranean; they dont require soil moisture but do need wood with high moisture content. They are most often related to rotting wood and wood partly underground, such as stumps or fallen branches. Around your house you can find them in rotting deck planks or wood around cracked showers, tubs, or roof eves and any other place with poor ventilation. .

Termite pest control services can be pricey and we sell everything you need to do it yourself. DIY termite control is so much less expensive than hiring an exterminator. On average, the cost to do it yourself is only about 10 percent of what it would cost you to hire a company.

There are many different kinds of methods that you could use and we have the ideal experience to help you know which one is best. Our highly trained staff of termite control experts can help you implement the ideal protection so that you never need to manage termites again.



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We sell all the best professional products such as Termidor and Bora Care to help you take control of your termite infestation and eliminate them for good. A totally cultivated termite queen can lay up to 2,000 new eggs every day and an aggressive way of killing weeds is often needed to completely exterminate them from your home.

If you'd like to know how to eliminate termites, and the very best treatment methods available now, you can provide us a call at 1-866-581-PEST. Source We have termite extermination specialists standing by ready to help you get rid of these destructive pests for good!



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1. The way to select a Professional Termite Company  - You have opted to call in the experts or you might have started your own treatments but needs some back up. These pointers can allow you to pick a company that you can trust.

2. Do Your Own Subterranean Termite Inspection at Home  - Each good termite treatment plan begins with a comprehensive inspection to determine trouble spots. Find out how. This article includes a listing of the most common signs of termite infestation.

3. Termite baiting is a fairly straightforward process and can be used as a tool to monitor termite activity early on before infestations flare upward. Installing bait stations around your home provide excellent control when combined with a barrier/soil treatment. The following articles will help you in successful termite baiting: Termite Baiting Systems, Firstline and Advance termite baiting systems, Do Your Own Termite Baiting. .

4. Barrier/ Soil Treatments for Termite Control- Discusses the way to perform your own preventative barrier and soil treatments both pre- and post-construction, using products like Timbor, Termidor, and Cyper WP. Soil you could try these out treatments form a barrier to prevent termites from entering your home through gaps, cracks, crawl spaces, or wooden elements in the foundation. .



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5. What To Do When Termites Infest Your Own Furniture- Hey, wait a second! That's YOUR armchair! - What you can do to recover your recliner when Drywood Termites or other wood-destroying insects take over the sitting room.

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Learn more about your pesky opponents' enlightened ways by reading up on some basic identification and biology:

There are three common termite species, and each is a bit different. Refer to our particular termite control pages to get detailed information on how best to control and eliminate the ones that plague you.

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Termidor SCTermidor SC is one of the best termite control products offered and widely used by professional termite extermination companies.

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As of April 2017update, the World Spider Catalog accepted the following genera in the family Sparassidae:1

Members of these Sparassidae are native to tropical and warm temperate regions globally. A couple of species are native to colder climates, such as the green huntsman spider (Micrommata virescens) that is native to Northern and Central Europe.9 Many tropical species like Heteropoda venatoria and Delena cancerides have been accidentally introduced to many subtropical parts of the world, including New Zealand (which has no native sparassid species).10.



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As adults, huntsman spiders do not build webs, but hunt and forage for food: their diet consists primarily of insects and other invertebrates, and occasionally tiny skinks and geckos. They reside in the crevices of tree bark, however, will frequently wander into homes and vehicles. They are able to travel exceptionally fast, often using a springing leap whilst running, and walk on walls and even on ceilings.

The females are fierce defenders of the egg sacs and young. They will generally earn a threat display if triggered, and whether the warning is ignored they might attack and bite. The egg sacs vary rather broadly among the various genera. For instance, in Heteropoda spp. Egg sacs are carried underneath the female's body.

a b browse around here "Family: Sparassidae Bertkau, 1872". World Spider Catalog. Natural History Museum Bern. Retrieved 2017-04-22.



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